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Diving in to your most pressing challenges



Seamlessly joining Founders to catalyze business forward with strategy, new business relationships and partners 

We bring an agile and creative mindset to  work with marketing, operations & technical teams to achieve results

Change Management

A focused plan, transparency, and communication are key elements, but it's all about the people on your team 

Let us help you with 

organizational assessment, energize

your team, build culture and purpose

Business Development

Evaluate a new service, product launch or expansion into a new market 

Establish strategy, a pipeline of new contacts, partner and client opportunities

Acquire new talent & vital client feedback  

Lisa b Eisenbud, Founder


Executive with 20 years experience in private companies and government agencies, from startups to large institutions. Managed over 20K employees and budget responsibility topping $10B. Effective networker and collaborator, with success across industries and roles. Deep expertise in child welfare, human services, health care, and social innovation. 

Creative, problem solver with ability to build and motivate diverse teams, design and execute positive solutions, develop effective new business relationships and deliver on goals.   

Grateful to have worked with visionary leaders in public service and private industry, tackling insurmountable problems, and having fun along the way.

Other talent added to project teams as needed.


I thrive in uncertainty and have always been the fearless one to dive in or step out front. My purpose on this planet? Design, lead, and scale social impact and innovation, ultimately to improve the lives of children and families. Firm believer that business can lead the way to a better world.


 "Lisa has the ability to make a powerful difference in any organization or any sector."  Client T.L.

"Among her strengths is her ability to connect the pieces at every level of an organization to build efficient and effective operating systems." Client V.B.

Get Going LLC

Lisa B. Eisenbud, Founder & Principal